Beef & Chicken Company LLC is an online butcher and major supplier and exporter of meat and seafood. We export large inventories of fresh and frozen meat and seafood supplied from the finest spots on earth at fair and reasonable prices. After decades of service in the industry, we are continuing to grow as a lead provider of some of the finest meat seafood. We have developed a loyal customer base by being dedicated to the highest quality service, meat and seafood products, and assortment.

Most of our supplies come from our partners’ major supplies countries like Brazil, Peru, Canada, Holland, and Asia. We do not run meat or seafood farms or factories; rather with our partner network, we are able to get just the right supplies for you from a partner that produces meat and seafood at the right quantity and quality and from a country with standards that meats your regulatory system.

We are a learning organization. We continuously search the world for hard to find, unique meat and seafood items. Beef & Chicken Company LCC is H.A.C.C.P. certified; our products are handled with the utmost care to guarantee prime quality and unsurpassed freshness enabling us to consistently provide fresh, superior meat and seafood to our customers. We ship to restaurants, distributors, supermarkets, caterers and even right to your front door!