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The Alpina is a goat high and medium-sized. The live weight of females ranges from 60 and 80 kilos and males 80 and 100 kilos.


Goat Malagueña is a native Spanish breed is among the most dairy breeds in the world. The origin of the race or rather where the first ranches were organized for its description and recognition, was in the region of La Axarquía Malaga, whose capital is Velez Malaga, population that gives this other name to the race. It was also called Costeña, because it is all this original area, coastal zone.


The Murciana-Granadina is well adapted to the hot and dry conditions of the semiarid areas It is the most productive domestic animal in this climate because of its ability to maintain a high milk production under less than ideal conditions. The Murcia-Granada flocks graze adverse terrain and feed on the by-products of the agroalimentary industry with a very good transformation index. This breed produces near 500 kg of milk in 280 days of lactation, with a composition of fat (5.3%) and protein (3.4%) better than other breeds in Mediterranean areas. Most of milk production is used for cheese production.


Feeding As Saanen goats are highly milk productive so, they need some extra protein and energy with their regular feed. Along with fresh and good food always provide them fresh and clean water regularly.  Breeding Saanen goats typically breed every year. And each time produce one or a pair of kids. Take extra care of breeding bucks and pregnant does. Housing Housing is very important for Saanen goats. Because they love to stay in shady place and can’t tolerate heavy sunlight. A good house also protects them from all types of predators, adverse conditions and all types of diseases. Saanen Goat Care It is very easy to raise Saanen goat. They don’t need any special and extra care. You can raise them with your other animal easily. Even a child can raise and take care of them easily. But taking some extra care and management will increase their health and production.